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Free support

We don't expect you to know it all. Our trained team are on hand to walk you through any question you may have. You'll also get a free workbook as a new user when you start.

Our motto is "no question is a silly question" because if you've had to ask it means you didn't know ;-)

Advertising & editorial bookings

One of the most important elements you need is to keep on top of all your bookings and editorial allocation. Our easy to use booking system will make sure you can put them on once and never need to remember them until the right time. No more missed or incorrect bookings for you, lovely publisher!

Tasks for you and your team

Stay on track with all the things you and your team need to do now, in 6 months time or a year. It's easy to pop on things to do and with our automated renewal reminders you won't miss repeating business again either.


It's a phrase that sounds deadly dull but you need to know who you customers are, who your expired customers are, plus who are you actively prospecting or needs to know about your magazine. The CRM capability in our software will ensure that you have a comprehensive, searchable and sortable database of one of your most important assets - your contacts.


Wave goodbye to post it notes, complex spreadsheets and bits of paper. Our flatplanning capability seamlessly joins up your bookings into a visual representation of your magazines, for every booking on the system. You can drag and drop, lock into place, specify R or L hand pages and more with this nifty tool.

Varying levels of access

If you're a team of one then you're automatically 'God' so you get access to the whole shebang. But if you have a team you need to know that your precious data is seen by the right people at the right time. With several access levels to choose from you can be sure to allocate the right data to the right job role. 


Lets face it, number crunching may seem a bit dull but not with us - we provide reports that matter. You're not overloaded but the stuff you need to keep an eye on? It's right at your fingertips. You can keep tabs on your most popular ad size, best (and worst) customers, revenue and profit, artwork status, new business plus lots more to ensure your publications stay perfectly on track.

Keeping on top of your money

OK so we haven't reinvented the wheel. We're not an accounts package but what we do do rather niftily is raise your invoices in seconds, allow you to send statements and bulk invoice reminders, instantly see who owes you money and link up with your accounts package if you choose (get in touch and we'll tell you our favourites). 

What Our Clients Say


"Where there was once chaos, you have brought order. Where there was isolation, your forum brought friends. When our reserves run dry, you bring new ideas. When inspiration strikes, you are there to enthuse. Where there was once a heap of paper, there is now a desk."

-Chris Pearce, Local Life 24-7 

"Hotel balcony, working from the other side of the world …. Credit where it’s due. Well done guys!"

-Denise Lloyd, The Directory Group

“I am delighted to have started but why did I not sign up sooner? It has already given me the tools to know how my business is performing. Excellent job and superb (very patient!) service from the team. I would highly recommend this system.”

-Monica Chard, Village Matters

“I LOVE my new system. I have been putting all my bookings on, taken new bookings, sent out booking confirmations, made changes to ads and flatplan and chased copy for the next issue. Life is SO much easier!”

-Alex Recker, The Big Little Magazine Company

Publishers Like You  

Would you rather spend hours cross checking bookings, worrying whether you’ve missed someone out of your magazine at print deadline and raising piles of invoices, OR would you like to hand it over to the AOIMP software – your publishing friend and system who can get it done in a fraction of the time?  

Our magazine owners know how much of a difference implementing this robust software has made to their worlds. They value the opportunity it has given them to focus on what has been important to them, whether that is more time to sell, manage their teams or have the reassurance that the system is accurately reminding them of renewals and tasks that are no longer in their heads or on bits of paper.  

In fact, the system was born out of frustration of running multiple systems and missing bookings simply through manual error. Coralie was running a few magazines and despite being super organised admits that sometimes mistakes did happen to the point that some advertisers never got invoiced and she ended up with a messy double booked situation over a front cover slot.  

Imagine how your business life could change if you implemented the AOIMP Magazine Software.. Not only will you instantly remove all your ‘to do’s’ and minutia out of your head, but you’ll have more time to spend on the activities you’d rather be doing. What would it feel like to be free of all of those things that deep down you know could be so much slicker? 

Sign up today and let us show you how much better things could be.

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